Site Owner?

If you are a land or property owner with the potential to host a TVCE renewable energy project, we would love to here from you.


Unfortunately we are unable to consider domestic scale projects but if you have a barn or industrial unit with a large south facing roof or if you have land near an industrial area suitable for a ground mounted array it might be worth considering hosting a community energy solar PV project.


I2356179_ec0a46e3f your land has a stream or river flowing through it there is the possibility of setting up a small scale community hydro project.  Sites with either a large flow or a high head (the distance the water travels downwards) may have a good energy potential.  We have experts on hand who can quickly and easily assess the potential for a hydro installation.


Everyone benefits from a community renewable energy scheme.  Local investors benefit from share agreements or loans, the Community benefits because surplus profits can be used for local worthwhile projects and organisations, the planet benefits because of lower carbon emissions and resource usage and the property owner benefits through an agreement whereby they receive cheap or free electricity and/or a lease agreement which will provide an extra income.

If you think you might have a suitable asset for such a project please contact us or fill in the get involved form.

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